I’m an eternal toddler when it comes to new things, new places, and new people. When we combine all the things with photography + a place I’ve never been, magic happens. I get excited by all the new shadows and the surprises and not knowing what amazing things we might get to create. I travel most of the summer for weddings (aka how I put 30K+ miles on my car every year). If our time overlaps in one of these places, reach out so we can plan an adventure of our own together and get excited about all the new things all at once. 

Adventuring somewhere not on this list and hoping to take me with you? These are welcome emails in my inbox. Grab your planner, your passport, and let’s get out of here. 

Travel 2019


+ Evergreen, CO

+ Moab, UT

+ Casper, WY


+ Red Lodge, MT

+ Denver, CO

+ Fort Collins, CO

+ Bozeman, MT


+ Denver, CO

+ Thermopolis, WY


+ Casper, WY

+ Laramie, WY

+ Torrington, WY

+ Gering, NE


+ Douglas, WY

+ Gering, NE

+ Silverthorne, CO

+ Dubois, WY

+ Gering, NE


+ Shell, WY

+ Omaha, NE

+ Littleton, CO

+ Colorado Springs, CO

+ Estes Park, CO

+ Castle Rock, CO


+ Dubois, WY

+ Cheyenne, WY

+ Dubois, WY

+ Red Lodge, MT


+ Scottsbluff, NE

+ Custer, SD

+ Hill City, SD

+ Scottsbluff, NE


+ Littleton, CO

+ Sterling, CO


+ Littleton, CO

Have a majestic place in mind?

Right there with ya. I'll be honest, photographing love in these places are top on my to-do list and that type-A in me is itching to cross them off. If you have or want to plan a wedding, elopement or just a really epic session in one of these places, we can chat about how to make these happen - for sure. You know where to find me.

A Drive Away:
+ Zion National Park
+ Glacier National Park

A Plane Away:
+ Hawaii
+ Scotland
+ Ireland
+ New Zealand

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Social media is our best tool to get to know each other before, ya know, we actually get to know each other. I post constantly about the things in my life that I love and that excite me that most. I encourage you to stalk me thoroughly and make sure we'll be the perfect fit. Make sure to comment so I can come find + stalk you for the same reasons.
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Cassie Madden is a wedding photographer based in Sheridan, Wyoming serving the state with engagement and Sheridan, Wyoming wedding photography. Cassie also serves as a Billings, Montana Wedding photographer and the surrounding states of Colorado, Montana, South Dakota and Nebraska frequently for wedding and engagement photography, but is always available for national and international travel for destination wedding photography.