My Approach

It's important for you to know more than just about me, but my approach to photography. The way I'll handle things on your wedding day so that there are no surprises, and you know 100% if I'm the right one for you.

I once was told that as your life changes, your perspective on what’s important will change. As such, your perspective on what is important in wedding photography would change, too. When I was younger I thought the details were the thing - the shoes, the dress, the centerpieces, you know the drill. Along with making my couples look like they rolled straight out of Page 6 of Vogue Weddings and I thought I had this figured out. Then, I got engaged and had my own photos taken. That's when I realized that the photos I loved were the ones where we were being goofy and ourselves - the capture of a sliver of time where you could see just how in love we were at that very moment. So, that’s what I went after. Then, we had a wedding.

After our wedding, of course I was dying to see the photos. Obviously. But what surprised me the most was which photos I was dying to see. I was most excited about our family photos – the easiest photos of the day for a wedding photographer to capture – the wedding cake, if you will. I was excited for myself and for my family to have these photos since it as not often at all that we all dressed up and were captured together in the same space. My excitement for these images were a close competitor with the infatuation we had with our ceremony photos. The documentary of wild emotions that Jeremy and I felt alongside our parents, grandparents, and siblings through the course of half an hour, were more beautiful and precious than I could ever describe. Photographs of my sister bawling during our vows, the proud look on my Dads face, and the pure joy on my Mothers sent me back to the moment in which it all happened. That’s when it shifted for me, this hierarchy of wedding photography importance. I knew what I was after now.  

If I can be obvious for a second, I’ll tell you how much I truly love photographing weddings. But I don’t love them for the plain fact that everyone is dressed up and pretty and there’s good music and cake (though I do love the cake). I love photographing weddings because this is a poignant day in the lives of every single person there. It’s an important shift in time where you arrived differently than you left. This photography is documentation of a day where everyone you love most in the world came together to celebrate your love and the day you become husband and wife. It’s a big deal. It’s important.




What does a typical shoot look like with you? Do you direct the whole time? We need some of that.

Don't worry boo, I gotchu.
I definitely direct during photo sessions. If you've ever experienced the Ricky Bobby Phenomena (aka I don't know what to do with my hands), I'm the one for you. My approach has changed over the years from telling you where to put your hand to more of a "what to do with it" so I can get your natural reaction rather than something I have in my head. As the day goes on, you'll get so comfortable that you'll be telling me what to do. Kidding, but not. It's happened, and it's grand.

Do you have limits on where and when you travel?

Definitely no limits on where I travel, but there are limits as to when. I only book certain amounts of out-of-state shoots per month and book a limited number of weddings per year. If you're thinking that I might be the photographer for you, I encourage you to get in contact with me ASAHP (as soon as humanly possible) because my calendar books up fast! My google calendar looks like a three-year-old let loose with some Crayola's by the time April rolls around every year. I book Weddings out anywhere from 6-18 months in advance and engagement sessions as far out as 6 months.

What makes you different from other photographers?

As magical as this sounds, there is a place in this world for all photographers and that's why it's important you find the perfect one for you. I've found an editing style that sets me apart with more vibrant yet soft colors, as well as a great combination of posed + candid moments. I'm that weird combo of type-A yet super chill, and I'm great at reading people. As long as you're happy, I'm happy. Really, I just do things that feel right to me and feel like they fit the people in front of my camera.

How do we know if you're the photographer for us?

A few ways!
+ You like my editing style and the colors in my photos
+ You like the way my couples are directed in photos (some slightly posed, some candid)
+ You've seen a full gallery and love the whole thing
+ You've read through the about me and keep thinking "Is this my twin?"
+ You've read through my approach and love where my head's at
+ You like my cheesy jokes
+ You're about two clicks away from filling out that contact form and getting this thing started!

Do you photograph things other than weddings? Like Seniors, families, or newborns?

Weddings + related sessions (like anniversaries, engagements or bridals) are absolutely my specialty. I do love photographing Seniors because it's a similar celebration in that you only do this once, and it's time to document where you were at this time in your life. For Seniors, I'm looking for creative ladies excited to put their own spin on their photos rather than being told to smile at the camera all the time like Mom does. Sorry, Mom. But hey, we'll do that too.

I do photograph families, but more from a documentary standpoint. Just like engagements + weddings, I enjoy documenting how people are with each other in a more natural state rather than telling them what to do and how to do it. We definitely get a good one of everyone smiling for the Christmas Card and Grandma's wall, but I consider these more life sessions with an art twist than a normal family session.

I don't consider myself an expert on maternity or newborn photos, so in your best interest I'll gladly give you the name of someone who is an expert and who loves this area of photography just as much as I love weddings.


Cassie Madden is a wedding photographer based in Sheridan, Wyoming serving the state with engagement and wedding photography, as well as serving Jackson Hole Wedding Photography. Cassie also serves the surrounding states of Colorado, Montana, South Dakota and Nebraska frequently for wedding and engagement photography, but is always available for national and international travel for destination wedding photography.