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I’m Cassie, but chances are you’ve guessed that by now. I’m the girl that’s forever trying to (make herself) choose carrots over cake and get out behind a computer screen like I’m sure you are, too. I live in Sheridan, WY with my husband, Jeremy and our two fur kids, Jax and Lila Bean.

I’ve been a photographer for 8 years and have photographed 100+ weddings in the last 5 years alone. I’ve traveled to nine different states to shoot the best days and consistently serve at least four every wedding season. I have worked with the most incredible people and even found some of my best friends from this gig. This friend thing, it’s real – and that’s how it’s supposed to be. 


And this thing they call adventure? Don’t be fooled by it. I consider every single day with my husband and our pups an adventure – even if it’s a couch one. I care far more about the people I get to meet and create meaningful, heirloom images for than I do where a wedding may be or the decor behind it. That stuff is icing on the cake. But you know the thing about cake? You don’t just eat icing. Well, I don’t anyway. 

It’s people first in my game. It’s the best people that make this my dream job. Travel is my thing, so if good people come with a really epic place my head might spin a little – but I’ll get over it quick. I promise. 

We’re looking to create an experience that you will never forget. Where you feel nothing but pure happiness and the quiet, romantic moments between the belly laughs. If you’re a type-A dog mom looking for someone who gets you and why each of your wedding decisions is so important and intentional, I’m your girl. 


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Lila Bean


things you should know

I grew up in a Cottonwood valley in the southeast corner of Wyoming. The hills rise and fall until all you can see is corn, and our piece of the Platte snakes through the land. To Jeremy’s standards, I’m a flatlander. He grew up in the majestic mountains of Dubois, Wyoming, almost as far as you can get away from Torrington in the confines of our square state. His idea of fun in his youth meant climbing to the mountain goat degree and fishing in rivers that cut through thousand-foot-high vistas. Ours, in in the flat lands, had a lot more to do with cows and even more to do with driving away from it.

How did Jeremy and I meet, you ask? You’ll laugh, I promise. Because most female wedding photographers joke that they’ll end up marrying a groomsmen, and that’s exactly what I did. After we met, we found out that it had been in the mind of the groom (Jeremy’s college best friend) for months that he and I might get along. He got the idea from his wife, a friend of mine since I was at least eleven. Jeremy asked me to dance at the reception, and trying to be a good little worker, I declined. He eventually talked me into it and nearly dropped me on a dip, which is something he thankfully improved on when we danced at our own wedding in September of ‘18. He’s the kindest, funniest, care-free and genuine person I have ever met, and unless he’s climbing a steep mountain, always finds a way to put me at ease.

My mom was a barrel racer (that’s a cowgirl if I lost you on that one), so my sister Emily and I spent the majority of our youth loaded up in the backseat of a Ford with horses in the trailer. We would fall asleep in our beds and wake up in the truck hundreds of miles away. It’s such a magical way to travel for a child. I still haven’t found a cure for the travel bug, since I still love traveling to faraway places, and prefer the ones with a drive.

Jeremy and I are dog parents to the two most magical little couch hippos on the planet: Jackson and Lila Bean. Jax is the handsome and playful redhead that will not leave my side. Lila Bean, the independent twin who loves a good game of fetch and meeting all the new people. I am a truly obsessed dog mom and spend as much time as I can snuggling them and helping them live their best lives. Since becoming a pit-mom, I’ve become an advocate for Pit bulls and donate photo proceeds as often as I can to organizations and animal shelters.

Because Sheridan is nowhere near flatlander territory, Jeremy is slowly but surely teaching me how to mountain. We love hiking with the dogs, fly fishing, snowboarding, and taking a drive in the Jeep to explore our new territory. I’m an eternal toddler asking all the questions and learning every chance I get. Reading, podcasts, audiobooks - you know, because I’m always on the move. Forever listening to Harry Potter - even if it’s the 11th time. Without a doubt, I’m type-A. Everything has a well decorated place and crossing things off my to-do lists are an addiction. I’m the self-appointed Joanna Gaines of our house and Jeremy has to constantly remind me that he isn’t Chip with his own crew. But sometimes, we pretend anyway. I’m a born storyteller and before I knew all the inner workings of my Canon, I relied on my love of writing to get me through. But sometimes, even though a picture is worth a thousand words, I’ll add a thousand more. This website is proof of that.


Cassie Madden is a wedding photographer based in Sheridan, Wyoming serving the state with engagement and Wyoming wedding photography. Cassie also serves the surrounding states of Colorado, Montana, South Dakota and Nebraska frequently for wedding and engagement photography, but is always available for national and international travel for destination wedding photography.